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10 Steps to Consider Before Booking a Safari to Uganda

10 Steps to Consider Before Booking a Safari to Uganda

Are you planning a safari to Uganda? If you are, the guide below is for you and it will help you note some vital facts before your final decision. There are many tourists who waste a lot of time making research about the information about how they can best organize a safari in Uganda and these have read out dated information that is not helpful at all. Below are 10 Steps to Consider Before Booking a Safari to Uganda.

Always make research.

In case you are not being endorsed to any safari operator by someone you know or dealing with a tour agent, then you need to make research on the search engines on google about the safari that you would like to experience when you are in Uganda. Remember to include the number of days as well as the activity that you would like to engage in. For example; a 3 days’ safari to Queen Elizabeth National Park and game viewing is the key activity here. The common key words while searching include; Uganda Gorilla trekking, Uganda safaris, Uganda gorilla tours and safari to Uganda.

Choose many tour operators.

Make sure that you choose out the first 10 results you see from your search engines and try to view their packages that they offer. Remember to choose results of exact tour operators and not international booking platforms since this will help you get more descriptive answers for the questions you might need to ask later. Check the website to make sure that they are genuine because anyone can put up a tour and travel website on the internet even without incorporation. Look out for the physical address of the company you are willing to book with.

Send an inquiry to each of the operators.

When you are sure that you have chosen the genuine operators, then feel free to send inquiries to all of them about the proposed safari itinerary. These companies have got different safari booking forms on their websites that you can use to send in the inquiry. You can also use their company emails on the website and send in your inquiry. Remember to include your essentials like the Name, email, nationality, number of people, destination to be visited, number of days, your safari budget, type of accommodation (budget, midrange or luxury) and the types of activities to engage in while on the safari.

Always compare packages and prices.

You have to always chose an itinerary that lets you carry out activities than driving to the destinations. This is because most tour consultants will draft packages that let you drive a lot of hours than enjoying your safari activities. You can also opt for a safari that has flights included even though the price is always higher. About the price, always chose tour operators that fall in the same price range and leave out those with very low or high prices.

Compare the accommodations & activities.

This is the time to compare the different packages from the different tour operators. Look at the different activities that are offered by the different operators as well as the accommodation facilities. Search for the accommodation websites and look at them keenly if they will satisfy you while on your safari. Look at the activities offered and choose the package that gives you range of activities while on your safari.

Use TripAdvisor & Safari Bookings.

By now you have decided on like four tour operators, now use trip advisor and safari bookings to read more about these operators and their safari reviews from past clients. In case you are satisfied with the reviews of a particular operators, then proceed to next step.

Check for the membership of AUTO (Association of Uganda tour Operators).

Surprisingly less than 200 tour companies are fully registered with AUTO, the only safe way of ensuring the safety of your finances is by dealing with a company registered with AUTO. The members of this association are trust worthy and will deliver the services that you paid for. However, even those that are not registered with AUTO can deliver good services to their clients.

Always compare prices and relationships.

In case you reach here with a list of operators, then you can consider the prices again as well as the relationship, this might be with which tour operator has been so helpful throughout. It’s vital to consider operator who is already your friend and understands customer relationship and customer service.

Make a decision.

By this step, you have to make sure that you have landed on only one operator and be decisive please not to take a lot of time on this. By now you must be confident enough to make a deposit of your safari. Just make up your mind and decide.

Final step is to make the payment.

This is the final step of booking your memorable safari in Uganda. Many tour operators need a certain amount of deposit that might range from 30% to 50% depending on the tour operators. The deposit is need to buy the permits and book the accommodation facilities. Always make direct deposits to the company accounts not personal accounts. The other payment options include pesapal and PayPal and well as using a credit card. Lately send a payment proof to the agent so that money can be withdrawn.

Book a flight to Uganda by buying your air ticket in advance and wait for your travel date. Follow these 10 Steps to Consider Before Booking a Safari to Uganda.

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