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Burundi is obviously one of the smallest countries in Africa, precisely located in East Africa but it has a lot of stunning places and attractions ranging from green landscapes, numerous rivers, lakes, including Lake Tanganyika being the world’s deepest and largest fresh water lake.  Hippos and birds make the main natural attractions in Burundi with their home varying from coast lands and forests, to small and huge lakes.The lack of a coast to the ocean doesn’t mean Burundi lacks beaches. The country has some good inland beaches where one can escape the heat by a cool and safe swim in one of its lakes.

Some of the best attractions and  places to visit in Burundi.


Commonly known as Buja, this city has kept some characteristics from its colonial occupation period such as food, drink and nightlife. French cuisine is noticed in many restaurants in the city, occupying a wide range of prices and quality. Sites include Independence Monument, Unity Monument, Living Museum, and Livingstone & Stanley rock.

Karera waterfalls

Les chutes de Karera or Karera waterfalls located in Rutana consist of four amazing falls.This sight can also be a combination with the source of Nile being all located in southern part of Burundi.


Rusizi River National Park

Located just outside of Bujumbura around 12 km, this area is home of many hippos and migratory birds to make this park one of the most sought after attractions by tourists traveling to Burundi.The migratory birds that visit the park include rare and beautiful species from both Asia and Europe such as sand pipers and plovers.

Ruvubu National Park

Ruvubu National Park being the largest Burundi covers an area of over 500 square kilometers. Founded in 1980, it is main park and home to wildlife of Burundi including beasts such as hippos, buffalo and crocodiles.The park is also home to rare plants and flowers as well as the birdlife that migrates to the region throughout the year.

Lake Rwihinda Natural Reserve

Talking of attractions in Burundi, one cannot forget to mention the amazing flora and fauna found in this reserve covering an area of over 8,000 hectares made of a mix of scrublands, forest and grassland.A big amount of rare and impressive birds visiting this lake is to be mentioned too.Lake Rwihinda Natural Reserve is considered as a must-visit destination in Burundi for for private travelers or tourists.

Kibira National Park

The park is amazingly located in the western part of the country between 1,500m and 2,600m in altitude. The Park used to be hunting place for Kings of Burundi.The animals of this park consist of baboons, chimps and more than 200 kinds of bird species- which are well supported by the forest, and the rivers and streams flowing through the park.The large tea plantations in Teza  laying around this park make another attraction for tourists visiting this park.

Kigwena Natural Forest

Kigwena Natural Forest is located in the province of Rumonge on national road 3 and covers an area of more than 3,000 hectares.Taking a  guided tour  and stepping foot in the forest searching baboons ,monkeys and various species of butterflies and birds feels like an amazing adventure .


The city has lots of worthwhile attractions including the remarkable Gitega National Museum which has a wide collection of artifacts and antiquities from Burundi’s past. The city is prepared for tourists and equipped of a decent range of hotel options for all types of budgets. Gitega is commonly included in Burundi tour packages as well as for a day tour or in tours with an overnight stay.

Gishora drum sanctuary

Located 9 km away from Gitega city center, Gishora is perched on a hill chosen and inaugurated by King Mwezi Gisabo. The main sight in Gishora for travelers is the drum sanctuary. The drums have been always playing a crucial role in the past and present of Burundi during important events such as royal and current official ceremonies. The drum is portrayed as a distinctive image of Burundi in the international ceremonies.The sanctuary will give you an idea of Burundi culture and the architecture of a royal palace.

Mount Heha 

Heha the highest mountain of Burundi is convenient located close to the capital around 40 km in the province of Bujumbura commonly called Bujumbura Rural .Hiking and reaching the summit at 2864m makes a good travel  experience for anyone visiting or living in Burundi.

Source of Nile

Despite the debate around the source of the Nile being in Uganda, Rwanda or wherever else, Burundi portrays it as the southernmost source of the Nile River discovered in 1937. A stone pyramid has been built to mark this location. The source of Nile is also included in many tour circuits offered to travelers and tourists in Burundi with a short drive after this sight taking you to the hot springs.

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