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Ecovic Tours & Travel Uganda offers honeymoon Packages & Discounted holidays. We offer affordable all inclusive honeymoon packages combining highly rated honeymoon resorts/hotels, activities & transportation within Uganda

Africa is one of the most romantic continents and to those looking for romance and luxury for a memorable and romantic honeymoon, east Africa provides the best for solace and specious places not forgetting activities for the new love birds.

There is spectacular wildlife of different animals, bird species, butterfly species some of which exist only in east Africa, a number of endless challenges of different activities like;
Game drives
A couple here can either observe the wild at the back of the vehicle and where necessary can walk to see clearly the wild in a private vehicle. As a couple, you get to connect and make all your fantasies come true for these wild games

This gives you as a couple to trek different places searching for gorillas, silver monkeys, chimpanzees, golden monkeys of which some are only found in east African countries only. Challenge yourself as you trek for over four hours with the support of your partner, share the best moments, cheer your selves up and share the best memories captured on camera in the jungle.

Whitewater rafting
Here a couple gets to raft water with the help of other rafters which gives you a connection as two people. Get to see the thrill of being on open water, navigating channels, gliding silently downstream in an open sky, and also observe the wildlife and birds together.

Romantic balloon safaris
This is one of the very best locations and activities for couples who get to enjoy their moment flying in the air like birds. These also give you a spectacular view over the open grass plains, waters giving the couple a romantic time to share memories together.

Horse riding
Get to some of the African wildlife on a horseback and see how you relate a lot with the wild, for couples seeking fancy and ultimate thrill, experienced guides are ready to take you to different good locations while on the horseback

Helicopter flights
These give you an ultimate thrill the moment you fly in the helicopter, especially while holding the hand of the person you trust most. These flights offer a wonderful view of these regions from the air, sundowners, overlooking the water holes where animals gather giving you an adventure of a lifetime. You should always have a camera ready to take pictures of these views.

Mountain biking
These are some of the most challenging activities where the couples here get to see themselves challenged to go through hardships together as one. Mountain biking becomes a wonderful experience when you have a supportive partner beside you creating the best memories you will always remember

Boating (including houseboats)
boating allows you to enjoy life together on water like the motorboats, whilst boats used to transport you to and from the lodges and sometimes the houseboats too which give you a chance to live on the water with your partner hence allowing you to get closer to the wild

When to travel for honeymoon
The honeymoon has got different activities and there isn’t a season in east Africa where you will not have the best time of your life. East Africa during the wet season is still as fun and romantic as in the dry season. The dry season brings all the animals together giving you an easier view wherein in the wet season, there is lush green vegetation, plenty of butterflies and for trekkers, the chimpanzees and monkeys are not on the move which makes it easy for you to see them. East Africa gives its best in both seasons.

Where to book for honeymoon and what costs
A honeymoon can take as much time as you want, for those planning for a honeymoon; first prepare and budget for what you are going to do, the places you are going to go, and the time to be spent. However, a luxury honeymoon is all you need therefore prepare for a luxury experience and be ready to spend once in a lifetime. Are you interested in classic Tanzania safari, tracking gorillas in the jungles in Uganda and Rwanda, relaxing on the exotic island of Zanzibar beach, here are your favorite honeymoon ideas that can be customized to you according to your partner’s tastes? Most lodges offer more than the game drives, they go ahead to help you choose your flights, swimming pools, spas, fitness centers, hot air balloons, animal conservation depending on the location.

Unlocking Uganda where you expect a number of activities like gorilla tracking, chimpanzee tracking, jungle visits, and finishing these at river Nile. A couple expects to see the lush green mountains and forests, some of the five big waterways like Lake Victoria, and the River Nile. River Nile gives you different adventurous activities as a couple like water rafting, kayaking, hiking, and bungee jumping. Lake Bunyonyi is just near the borders of Congo which offers its very best with misty mornings, layered hills, and colorful sunsets where you spend time canoeing, hiking, playing games like scrabble.

This is a land of a thousand hills as it is commonly referred to as African Switzerland. Rwanda gives you as the couple the best destinations with lodges and famous activities on the romantic safari like visiting the twin lakes of Burera and Ruhondo dotted with small islands, fish eagles and rolling hills, lake Kivu which is shared between the democratic republic of Congo and Rwanda itself. Rwanda gets to offer you the best treks like in mgahinga national park and volcanoes, hot air balloons, Musanze district full of mountain gorillas, luxury lodges, bamboo forests, and volcanic views like the ecofriendly Bisate lodge with its ultra-exclusive views.

Kenya offers some of the most romantic and luxurious resorts and lodges, safaris for honeymooners who want to have the best for their lifetime. Lamu Island in Kenya, the Maasai Mara, Nairobi which is east Africa’s buzzing city, boasts culinary options galore, art, and music like Almanara Boutique hotel in Diani beach which is located south of Mombasa. The game drives are fantastic for the lovers and this offers different services which are linked to the safari packages like hot air balloons, spas, massage, swimming, etc.
See the Laikipia plateau’s remote location providing the off-beaten path experience, parks, and the Maasai cultural experience for couples in Kenya.

Tanzania and Zanzibar honeymoons
One of the most superlative of all safari destinations in Tanzania has a huge range of national parks, safaris, and Zanzibar which is a semi-autonomous island with an exotic island paradise. Beaches, game parks, stone towns for the honeymooners to explore are offered on top of the best safari experience. Meet wild dolphins playing with the waves of the boat, swimming with migrating whale sharks, and watch swirls of colorful marine spices as you swim in crystal clear waters. The majestic mountain Kilimanjaro where you get to bird watch, mountain climb, and many other activities for the lovebirds

Bujumbura in Burundi which sits on the famous lake Tanganyika offers some of the best restaurants, vibrant art, and music, a cultural experience for the honeymooners, and the country’s best restaurants.

Note that these honeymoon safaris differ and therefore are offered at a different price according to where you want to explore and the company you are booking with therefore book the best honeymoon safari romance with Pamoja TSours and Travel Company to get the best offers and an affordable price.

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