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How to spend 24 hrs in Kampala

How to spend 24 hrs in Kampala

Kampala is a very interesting city though it gets a lot busier during the day with people moving up and down carrying out business, never the less one can’t fail to have a memorable day. Suggesting activities one can do within 24 hours can be abit tricky as there are so many places one can visit. There are few means of transport that can take you around Kampala, for the fast you can a motorcycle commonly known bodaboda, then taxi and uber for special hire. Here is How to spend 24 hrs in Kampala.

  • Marvel through to the mother temple of Africa, the Bahai temple has a beautiful architecture and among the seven in the whole world, located on a beautiful scenery of Kisasi, Kikaya zone suburb of Kampala city
  • Then there is also Uganda Martyrs Namugogo, its about 12 kms from town very accessible for every and ambiance environment welcomes with birds singing in the quite trees. It’s a place of the catholic belief where the saints were burnt and buried because of their faith.
  • Wander through the busy town through the endless stalls of owino market you will experience aggressive vendors trying to persuade you to look at their stalls.
  • Move through busy town and make a stopover at the independence monument, one of the most important, Uganda got its independence in 1962 from Britain.
  • A small snack from the nearby restaurant coupled with fresh juice is perfect for a midday snack, something like a samosa, you can as well grab a Rolex, combination of an egg and chapati.
  • Head to the Arts and crafts shops, Kampala has a lot of organized craft shops common ones are around Buganda road where you are able to buy prints, Uganda souvenirs’ and many more good stuffs.
  • Tour city malls for shopping like garden city, acacia mall
  • Wind up the busy day with live music and local performances from various spots like Ndere center, national theatre, theatre labonita among others.
  • Party the night with the locals at various night out clubs like guvnor, silk, club play, amnesia and so many others.

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